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October 22nd, 2017 5:28 PM
Thanks to Zillow (and other similar services), homeowners have wildly inaccurate ideas of their house value. One real estate lawyer from Illinois even took Zillow to court, claiming that their "sloppy computer-driven appraisal" was actually illegal under Illinois law.

They listed her house a full $90k below her asking price.

Zillow responded by admitting that their algorithm is based on "information can be outdated or missing" because it's little more than a guesstimate derived from public records.

There's obviously a conflict of interest at play here. The seller wants her house to be valued higher than it is, and Zillow (obviously a consumer-facing business) wants her house to be valued lower than it is. The question is, "Where do you meet in the middle?"

That's simple. It's our whole business. We are the intermediary between the buyer and the seller. We have no interest in valuing your home any lower or higher than it really is, because we don't make any money off of the transaction.

So how can you know the true value of your home? Or of a home that you're interested in buying? Easy. Call Caporaletti and Associates at 330-945-4288. We are licensed real estate professionals with tens of years of experience. Zillow is a website. As much as they want you to believe otherwise, you can't shop for houses online like you can shop for shoes (well, you can, but don't expect a good deal).

If you want to be certain that your making the right choice, you need to get your house appraised. We'd love to help.

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